Australia’s first real time, on-demand, parking app!

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Introducing OSCAR

Share with Oscar is a mobile app for renting out your private parking space when you aren’t parking in it. This space can be a driveway, garage, or even a front lawn, anywhere that a vehicle can park.

Drivers use the app to search for parking and book a spot on-the-go. Access more parking spaces, at affordable prices, without the parking tickets!

Share with Oscar is free to download from the App store and Google Play! 

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How it works

Spot owner shares their car space through the app when they aren’t using their spot

Driver finds a parking spot instantly using the Oscar app

Driver books and pays for a spot, and is navigated by the app to the parking spot

Oscar transfers funds from driver to the spot owner

Have a car space?

You don’t park in your spot all day, so why not share it on Oscar when you aren’t using it?

Earn some extra income off your car space when you’re not parked in it.
Rent out your parking space for as little as 1 hour or days at a time.
Help alleviate your neighbourhood’s parking congestion
It’s free to list, get started today!

Looking for parking?

Tired of circling the block looking for parking? Look, book and park instantly in a local’s driveway

No more circling the block
No more maximum time restrictions
No more parking tickets
Get access to more affordable parking, book and park on-the-spot with Oscar!

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