Oscar helps businesses

Whether you have too much space or not enough, Oscar can help.

Oscar can help you maximise returns from under-utilised car parks at offices, hotels, or vacant land. We can help manage sites from single spaces to multi-storey car parks, tailored to your needs.

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business parking solution

Effortless & flexible

An income stream, with zero effort! You have complete flexibility of the availability, from dates to times
business car space

More customers

Reach most customers through Oscar, get more foot traffic and whilst also maximising your returns. All our users are verified.
business car space bookings

Secure reservations

A mechanism to allow pre-booking and reservations. Payments aree seamlessly transacted through Oscar and paid to you.

Earning has never been easier

Oscar works for all types of businesses

Commercial property

Do you have vacant parking spaces going to waste? We can help property owners and landlords unlock more value from their assets

Hotels and hospitality

Hotels can use Oscar to better manage the parking inventory for both guests and non-guests, and drive awareness to your parking

Car park operators

We can help drive better utilisation of your parking lots and fill those empty spaces, by driving awareness of your car park to Oscars customers