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makes you money off your driveway

Do you have a parking space? 

Chances are you don’t park in it every hour of the day. So why not rent it out when you’re not using it and make some extra cash

How can Oscar work for you?

Oscar works for anyone with an accessible parking spot.

Whether you’re a resident with a driveway or a business with a private parking lot; whether your spot is free for just a few hours on a weekend, or every day from 9 to 5 when you drive to work. Rent it out when you’re not using it and make some extra money.

List your parking spot today to start earning! 

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How does it work?

1. List

List your spot on Oscar with the address, a description, photo and instructions for access.

2. Share

Update the availability of your spot from anywhere, anytime to open it up for bookings. Alternatively enter available times in advance, set the days and even hours!

3. Earn

Earn money by the hour when drivers book your spot! It’s the easiest way to earn from the sharing economy.

Why Oscar?

Security and verification

Oscar is serious about security and safety. We verify all members of our community to ensure appropriate use of the platform. Oscar has also put measures in place to keep your details protected, for example the location of your car spot is kept private until the booking is paid for with a verified credit card. All payments are processed securely through Stripe. 


Oscar is all about flexibility. You don’t need a permanently vacant spot to share with Oscar. List your spot with Oscar, and then simply ‘check out’ instantly through the app when you’re not using it to make it available for bookings. For as little as an hour or longer term if your spot is always vacant, Oscar will connect you to drivers who are looking for parking.

Community manager

Oscar is here to help. Oscar ensures the entire process from listing a spot to booking a spot is as easy and seamless as possible for everyone. Simply list your spot and allow Oscar to manage it for you. Bookings are accepted automatically, and there’s no need to meet guests or exchange keys.

What our spot owners are saying

  • “I had been torn between renting out my car spot and keeping it so mates can park when they visit. Oscar has solved this dilemma for me. I’ve been very impressed by how it works and the team have been extremely helpful, from answering questions to putting up an Oscar sign on the spot.”
    Alvin P., Newtown host
  • “Share with Oscar was a great option for letting out our driveway in the heart of Bondi. We enjoy working with the Oscar team and highly recommend their services!”

    Lara N., Bondi host

  • Last month I earned $200 by just setting my car as available for when I’m at work. It has really been helping with the bills. Thanks Oscar!”

    Nagesh S., Randwick host 

Some common questions

Does it cost anything to list on Oscar?
Listing your spot on Share with Oscar is completely free. Oscar will only take a small service fee of 15% for successful transactions made through the app. 

What if a driver overstays?
Drivers are penalised for overstaying their booking, and you will be reimbursed for the inconvenience. In those exceptional circumstances, Oscar will help to arrange towing of an overstayed vehicle. 

Do I need to accept each booking request?
Oscar is about live and on-demand bookings. All users of the app have been verified and therefore bookings are pre-authorised and accepted automatically. This is to ensure you as a spot owner can maximise your earnings by not missing a booking, as well as provide a fast and on-demand experience for drivers looking for parking on the spot.

Can I list my lock up garage or secure car space with Oscar?
Absolutely. Many of our hosts have lock-up garages or secure spots and still handle daily bookings with no problems. Otherwise, if you prefer, we can help you find a long-term booking as well. Just let us know! 

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