Prince of Wales Hospital parking

Book hospital parking from just $8 a day

Book a parking space instantly instead of wasting time circling the block

Secure a parking space for the hours or days you need – it’s completely flexible! 

Book a spot nearby – our parking spaces are within close proximity to the hospital

The new way staff are finding parking at Prince of Wales

  • Prince of Wales parking
  • Prince of Wales parking
  • Prince of Wales parking
  • Prince of Wales parking

How does it work?

Whether you work at the hospital or are just visiting,  we know how difficult it can be to find affordable parking without burning a hole through your wallet. Share with Oscar is a mobile app that lets you book to park in a private parking space near the hospital.
It takes 3 simple steps to book a spot: 

  1. Download the Share with Oscar app and sign up
  2. Search for ‘Prince of Wales Hospital‘ and add the date and duration you need the spot for 
  3. Book a spot instantly and be navigated there!