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Residents are sharing their driveways and garages with you! Oscar will show you where. Just pick a parking space, tell Oscar how long you want it for, and you’re done.

How Oscar makes parking easier

With only 1 parking space per 6 cars in Metro Sydney, there is simply not enough public parking. In areas like Bondi, finding parking is just about impossible.

Oscar gives you access to more parking spots, at affordable prices, without the parking tickets. With Oscar, you will no longer circle the block looking for parking, or park a 20 minute walk from your destination, or be limited by 1 hour time restrictions to have to then re-park your car. Park where you want, for how long you need, and get where you’re going sooner.


How does it work?

1. Look

Open the app and let Oscar search for parking spots near you or at your destination.

2. Book

Select the spot you want, book instantly and pay through Oscar’s secure platform.

3. Park

Follow the navigation directions and park. It’s really that quick and simple!

Why Oscar?

Save time and money

Don’t waste time circling the block looking for parking. Find cheaper parking with Oscar. Need parking for 20min? 4 hours? or a whole day? Oscar’s community has got a parking spot for you. Park closer to your destination, for less than metered parking, and get where you’re going sooner.

Flexibility and convenience

Don’t let parking meters and maximum parking time restrictions dictate your day. Don’t rush back every hour to move your car or top up the meter. With Oscar, you can simply extend your parking time from where you are.

Book and park instantly

Oscar allows you to find a spot on the go. Look, book, and park instantly. No advance-bookings required. You can still try your luck with that elusive street with all day free parking, and if you’re out of luck, open up the Oscar app and find plenty of spots near you.

What our members are saying

  • “I accumulated $5000 in parking fines before due to the lack of an accessible parking solution. Share With Oscar is not only affordable, but also extremely useful in locating a convenient parking spot across Sydney.”
    Seiya T.
  • “The service is simple to use and a great way to find cheap parking in congested area. Definitely recommend.”  

    Anthony S.
  • Great experience with the owner of the spots I rented, they have been friendly and quick to reply to messages.”

    Alana F.