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Residents are sharing their driveways and garages with you!
Oscar will show you where. Just find a parking space, tell Oscar how long you want it for and you’re done.

Why Share with Oscar?

join the parking community
join the parking community
join the parking community


Oscar’s real-time app allows you to find parking on-the-go. Whether its for 15 min or for a whole day, look, book and park instantly!


Up to 40% cheaper than commercial parking. Your parking fees go directly into the pockets of local residents and businesses. 


Instead of building more commercial parking lots, we believe we should utilise what already exists and give back to the community.

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There are thousands of driveways already being shared across Australia.
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Where do you need parking?

Everyone’s parking needs are unique. Let us know where you’d like parking and we’ll get our team of space hunters on it!