About Oscar

Our Mission

Our mission is to change the way we share our assets when we don’t use them, to create a greener, smarter cities. There is only 1 parking space for every 6 drivers in Sydney’s CBD, and in areas like Bondi, finding parking is just about impossible. Yet there is so much unused space for the most part of the day. Instead of building more unsightly parking lots, let’s help each other by lending what we already have. We believe that as a community, we can help solve Sydney’s parking challenge. Oscar helps members of the community to earn some additional income whilst unlocking more parking spaces for drivers to access.

Our Story

Share with Oscar is a Sydney based company founded by two individuals who are passionate about the sharing economy and creating smarter cities. Oscar was developed to help alleviate the pain of searching for parking in crowded areas. The idea came about when co-founders Lisa and Louise felt the stress and frustration of finding parking at Bondi beach, and yet they saw so many empty driveways dotted around.

Whilst the app has been likened to Airbnb and Uber, Lisa and Louise believe it is different in one very critical aspect- It requires next to no effort to deliver a substantial earning. Airbnb requires cleaning the house and furnishing it. Uber requires time driving passengers around. With 2 clicks on Oscar, owners simply share and earn from their driveway, no maintenance or effort required.